MISC GOODS Co. | Wallet in Tan Leather
MISC GOODS Co. | Wallet in Tan Leather
MISC GOODS Co. | Wallet in Tan Leather
MISC GOODS Co. | Wallet in Tan Leather

MISC GOODS Co. | Wallet in Tan Leather

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A card up your sleeve


The Misc Goods Co. wallet is designed and made for the minimalist. It comfortably holds about 15 credit cards, ID, and loose notes without adding any additional bulk to your pocket. 

Made from oil-tanned natural leather and golden waxed cotton thread, the wallet is burned with safe-keeping instructions.

What is Oil-tanned leather?

This treatment changes leather, impregnating it with oil which hydrates it, essentially sealing the molecules of the hide with a layer of fats and coating them.

Vegetable - or "veg-tanned" leather as you'll hear it called by those in the industry - is treated with the barks of trees as opposed to chrome tanning, which uses soluble chromium sulfate. 


What is tanning?

Tanning hide creates leather by altering its protein structure, making it more durable and less susceptible to decomposition, and sometimes colouring it. 

A number of finishes and textures can be achieved from sturdy and strong  for furniture to that buttery creamy quality we love in fine accessories. 


What is the best leather for wallets and cases?

The best leather usually depends on where the hide is taken from and what its purpose is. For wallets one should look for 4-5 oz, or 3-4 oz for a mini-wallet or card case. This weight reference is a guide to the thickness of the leather. 1 ounce equals 1/64 of an inch thickness.


The below infographic courtesy of Portland Leather Co. illustrates the different weights required for various projects.


Portland Lether Co. Leather weight and thickness chart

Of course, being a natural product, every leather grain is visually different as well as different to the touch.

For this reason, leather is usually graded as it is selected and sorted and this will reflect in the price of your finished item as does the skill of the craftsperson and the time they take to make the product.

Love leather?

Are you interested in making your very own leather wallet, handbag or purse? Why not try one of our ready to craft leathergoods kits. Make it for yourself, for a friend or give the kit to someone who would love an introduction to leathercraft.


Made in America.


Dimensions:  11.4 x  6.4 (cm)




Holds 15-25 Cards and Cash

Stone Oil Leather

Laser Cut and Engraved

Hand-stitched w/ waxed thread