BURGON & BALL | RHS - Folding Pruning Saw
BURGON & BALL | RHS - Folding Pruning Saw
BURGON & BALL | RHS - Folding Pruning Saw

BURGON & BALL | RHS - Folding Pruning Saw

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Burgon and Ball's Folding Pruning Saw is endorsed by the UK's Royal Horticultural Society, perhaps the ultimate accolade in the gardening world.

This pruning saw gives you the cutting power of a bow saw in your pocket. Patented tooth design, with three cutting faces per tooth, gives an incredible cutting performance.

Designed to work primarily on the pull stroke - so excellent for overhead work. Fully hardened & tempered high-carbon steel blade for lasting sharpness. Secure blade lock.

15cm blade. 


What is a pruning saw?

When the branches and limbs on tree shrubs and plants get more than 3cm thick, you’ll need a tougher tool. Not only will this make cutting easier but it will save your hands from pain in the long run.  A pruning saw is essential for any garden that needs a good haircut once or twice a year.

Shorter-handled pruners are also handy for those hard-to-reach branches in awkward positions. 


What is the best pruning saw to buy?

A manual saw with a quality steel blade will usually do the job, unless you have arthritic pain. In this case, you may want to consider an electric pruning saw.

Foldable pruning saws are very convenient, as they take up less space, are safer (the blade is shielded, so you can’t accidentally cut yourself when it’s stored). They tend can last much longer because the teeth stay shielded and sharp. You'll find they cost a bit more but if you are tired of replacing garden tools, it's worth the price.


How do I care for and maintain my garden pruning saw?


Cleaning - Make sure you clean your saw after each use to get rid of sap and residue. Use regular dishwashing liquid or keep La Corvette Black Soap in the laundry. It's a versatile cleaning solution that will do everything, even clean your dog! Make sure to dry them down well. Spraying a little oil will also prevent rust.

Sharpening - Keep your Pruning Saw Sharp. Check your blade and handle. Are they sharp and secure? One sharpen per season should do the job. Otherwise, consider replacing the blade.


Storage. Pack away and fold up your pruning saw where it won't get wet, out of direct sunlight, and of course, away from the kids and pets.

The number one rule for Pruning Saws? Don't forget your garden tools lying around the garden after use!