BURGON & BALL | BUDDING GARDENER  Kids' Watering Can in Green

BURGON & BALL | BUDDING GARDENER Kids' Watering Can in Green

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Because kids can

Watch the Kids bloom in the garden. Kids love learning to grow and nurture plants and sustain our ecology from an early age. This pays off in spades as they grow older contributing to positive physical and mental health.

Not only do young budding gardeners reap the benefit of breathing the outdoor air, but they also develop their hand-eye coordination, spacial skills, colour perception, olfactory and taste reception. For kids, the biggest indicator of nutrition and health in adulthood is the amount of time spent growing and learning about food, the diverse biosphere, and tasting food that they've helped grow.

With all the hallmarks of a big gardener's watering can, including the detachable, screw-on rose,  the Burgon & Ball insignia, and a "horty torty" British racing green enamel,  your child will feel pride and achievement in their garden patch using the Burgon and Ball Kids' watering can. 

Light as a feather with a 1 litre capacity and 2 handles to give them extra hold for their growing hands,  the classic design will last well into their growing years and can be passed on from family to family.