Retailers, be sure to visit us at our Reed Gift Show Stand on April 17-20 at the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour Sydney.

Fast fashion and accessories are responsible for literally gargantuan amounts of waste. We've all seen it. Piles of unused fabrics sitting in warehouses, hoards of never worn clothing either being sent off to mass discount stores or gracing your local Vinnies store.

No wonder the value of stitching and creating has become undervalued. Many fabrics are simply not recyclable so we cannot rely on recycling as a panacea. Being mindful about your purchases in the first place is the best way to go.

Fora Studios swimwear, apparel and fashion lines will be taking pre-orders for Spring Summer 2021/22 lines to help eliminate this problem. The Fora website will only carry a small selection of these items.

Be the first to carry our exclusive summer range from Agua by Agua Bendita, Isolda Brasil, Sol Azul Handmade and Lemur Design. Many items are one-offs or have limited availability so you know your piece will be special.

We look for designs that have longevity and are designed made with pride by artisans and ateliers passionate about social and ecological sustainability, innovation, as well as championing culture, people and ecology.  

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.